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Hello and welcome to my web site!

This is my first web site so you will have to excuse spelling mistakes, bad grammar and my disorganised nature.

I really should start off by introducing myself, I am Dan Piper. Just a normal guy with a deep passion for my Boxster S.

Its actually my 4th Boxster since 2002, which brings me onto my reason for making this web site... Over the last few years of Boxster ownership there has been many examples of joy, and some moments of darkness, I have learned a lot, but its been a rocky road. A rocky road that would have been smoother if I knew in the past what I know now.

Don't get me wrong, the Boxster is probably the greatest two seater sports car in the world. But, like any car, it has its own things to look out for, times to panic and times not to panic.

There has also been a few expensive lessons, which could have been avoided if I knew back then, what I know now.

So consider this web site as my attempt to download all this stuff that's now etched into my brain and at the same time build some good karma by helping others!!!

So, welcome again to the site, and have a good read!!

PS: There is no email address here because one thing I learned from my business.. if an email address is on a web page, it will turn into a supercharged spam target in no time at all. So if you want to contact me, find me on one of the forums on the links page!

Send comments and ideas to web at piperboxster.com