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Porsche Main Dealers

One thing you have to take your hat off to is the Porsche effort towards style and visual impact!

Stainless steel looking buildings, simple Porsche logo and a gold crest on a totem pole... On the inside you are usually greeted with leather seats, perfectly polished floors, more stainless steel and lots of squeaky clean new sports cars..

Price tag to you the consumer is usually around £130 per hour which is a lot more than a independent specialist would charge. But then again the average specialist does not have free coffee and leather couches for you to rest on.

I used to use Porsche main dealers when I first owned a Porsche, but it soon dawned on me that I was spending possibly an extra £1000 at least per year on maintenance costs over what an independent would charge and I learned that to most buyers a main dealer stamp in the service book is worth no more than a stamp from a well respected Porsche specialist like JMG, Strasse, or JZMachtech... So I decided to cash in on the extra servicing costs and try the independents and have never looked back!

However, in balance, as this is a guide web site, I have compiled a list of the main dealers I have used and how I have found them.

Porsche Centre Bournemouth

Porsche Centre Exeter

Porsche Centre West London

Porsche Centre Reading

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