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The 2005 to 2009 Boxster

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987 is the factory designation for the Porsche boxster made between late 2004 and 2009 (although the car was introduced in 2004, the 2004 cars are designated as 2005 cars by Porsche)

Initially the car was released with a 2.7 Litre flat six engine as used in the previous 986 model (1996-2004). This design of flat engine with a crankshaft in the middle and the cylinders either side of the crankshaft is known as a Boxer engine.

Prior to the release of the 987 Boxster, Porsche had been enjoying a financial boom mainly caused by the success of the 986 Boxster and the good ecconomic climate.

However Porsche had concerns that the Porsche image had been damaged slightly by over inflated stories of Poor build quality and reliability in Boxsters. There were also complaints from purists, especially from the 911 community, that the Boxster and 996 had broken away from one aspect of the Porsche bloodline since the 1950's and the Porsche Boxster... Round headlights.

This may seem just a small detail, but its one that Porsche had received a large number of complaints about in the motoring press. But with the advent of the 987 and its almost round headlights (now different from the 997 model) the design of the 987 styling, combined with the reaction from the motoring press following its release would reinforce their hunch to recognise these issues, as the Boxster 987 (and the updated 996, the 997) quickly enjoyed praise from the very sources of complaints regarding its styling.

Build issue stories were also put to death by the cunning marketing in some regions by calling the 987 and 997 "the Porsche precision" combined with an additional effort to make a long list of design improvements on the 987 model to draw a line under those complaints, which in many cases had already been rectified in previous revisions of the 986.

The 997 and Boxster still share several components as they have since the 986 and 996. From some of the body styling aspects through to the basic design and mechanical parts which make the Boxster engine, there is a long list of parts which are the same for the 997 and 987. If you click on the engines link to the left, you will see how this engines bloodline expands all the way through to current model 997's with capacities of up to 3.8 Litres!

The 987 also benefitted from a updated interior as well as the exterior, which many will agree, although the 986 interior is nice, the 987 interior looks and feels much more expensive and has a less plastic look or feel.

An "at a glance" history of the revisions of Boxster 987 can be seen in the following table.

Model Year
987 Model introduced, sporting 2.7 Litre engine with Variocam (viariable cam timing) - 237 BHP
Gearshift revisions and improved syncromesh
  Wider track
  Larger 17" wheels as standard
  PSM (Porsche stability management) standard equipment
  Optional - PASM (Porsche active stability management)
  Revised body design with reduced lift and drag forces due to aerodynamic improvements
  Optional - Ceramic composite brakes
  Telescoping adjustable steering wheel
  New and revised headlights, fog lights, rear lights, air scoops, roll bar position, console, circlular vents, instrumentation, airbags and seats
  OBC (on board computer) now standard equipment
  Optional - sports chrono package
2007 Variocam Plus added to 2.7 Litre engine - 241 BHP

More details regarding the many differences between Boxster production years and types, please read the many other articles in the information section of buttons to the left.

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