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The Porsche Boxster Owners Guide.

Owning a Porsche Boxster can be rewarding in so many ways. But there are some things which can make your life easier. Such as buying a good one to start with. For this please read the Boxster Buyers Guide.

The next important aspect is to be a member of a club. Joining a club can have several benefits. Such as not only getting to know some other enthusiasts, but also to gain access to recommended local suppliers, independent Porsche specialists and helpful tips to keeping your car in great condition. Have a look on the clubs page for more details of Porsche clubs.

Another great help with Boxster ownership can be in being a member of some of the Porsche forums on the internet. These are places where owners of Boxsters (and other Porsche) can talk, exchange ideas, help each other with problems, and even have some fun at the same time. I have just become a member of www.boxa.net which seems to be one of the best Boxster forums out there at the moment with lots of friendly helpful members! Check out the links page for more useful Porsche forums.

The best thing I ever did to improve my Boxster experience was when I found a independent Porsche Specialist who I could trust to look after my car without ripping me off. Why not visit the specialist page to see what ones I have tried and can recommend. Or if you want to use the main dealers, why not look at the main dealer page.

Our FAQ page is where you can find answers to common questions by boxster owners. This page will be constantly updated and will grow as I see more questions being frequently being asked on forums and club meetings.

Our breakdown of Boxster models may be helpful to you so you know more about the model you own. There are 4 distinct models of Boxster. The 1999-2004 Boxster (986), the 2000-2004 Boxster S (986) are the first generation of Boxster, also known as the 986. As of 2004 a new Boxster generation was born, the Boxster (2004-2009) and Boxster S 987 (2004-2009) with several updates to looks and performance.

The Mechanical side of the Boxster can be complicated, but I hope to use this web site to help owners understand their car better. You can visit the Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Suspension and Steering pages to learn more about the mechanical nature of your car.

With the looks of your Boxster, you may be interested to learn more about the bodywork, interior and wheels. Which items were fitted to which models and if they can be interchanged with other models to update the looks of the cars.

Correct servicing, although maybe boring and expensive is a essential aspect of your Boxster for you to understand, even if you never intend on getting dirty maintaining your own Boxster (which can be half the fun). Its important for you to know what should be being performed at services, and what services should be performed at what times, so that not only is your Boxster well maintained and reliable, but also that you save money and do not spend money when not required. Read our service page to learn all you need to know about the Boxster service schedule.

The chassis or Vin code page can be useful to find out interesting facts about your Boxster, such as knowing what year your car was made, in what factory was it made and how many Boxsters were made in that factory, in that year before your one!

Option codes. Do you know if your Boxster has the HiFi or Bose sound package installed? Do you know what other optional extras your car had installed when it was new? Then visit the Option code page to learn more.

Diagnostics are probably something the main dealer or specialists use as part of some form of black magic to know what's wrong with your car. Or at least that's what many Boxster owners think. With the Diagnostics page you can learn just what information is available to the technicians with the correct equipment to read it.

Eventually you may want to improve your Boxster. Maybe you will want a more refined sound system, or more individual looks or even increase the performance or improve the road handling. If so, visit our sounds, body styling, performance or handling pages of this web site in the upgrades section.

The most important aspect of Boxster ownership is to enjoy your Boxster. When did you last go for a drive in it just for the hell of it? I think you should, its very easy to forget why Porsche designed the car and why you bought one instead of buying a normal car! Get out there and enjoy your Boxster and come back to read this site later!

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