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Porsche Centre Bournemouth

Porsche centre Bournemouth are the official main dealers for Porsche for much of the south of England, including Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Dorchester, Baisingstoke. Or in by County: Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, West Sussex and beyond.

Typically Porsche centre Bournemouth sell the 997 (new 911), 987 (new Boxster), Cayman (Boxster with a hard roof) and Cayenne (Big 4 wheel drive). However they also maintain the 924, 944, 928, 968, 911, 964, 993, 996 and 986 (older Boxster). Although they tend to prefer to not work on older cars over 5 years old.

Porsche Centre Bournemouth over the past few years (that I have owned Porsche) cars has gone through some massive changes. Its changed from a small main dealer with no more visual impact than a typical small franchise main dealer (something like a small hyundai dealer) to being the impressive building you see above!

Also ownership has changed. It used to be owned by a lovely gentleman called Brian Deeks and was called "Chapplegate Porsche" and long before that when Mr Deeks was in partnership with another gentleman called Mr Heddel it was called "Heddel and Deeks"

But in the corporate world that Porsche now exist, its now like all main dealers the dealership name has the prefix of "Porsche Centre" followed by the location name. Well I guess it gives a common brand name to match the image. Its also now owned by a large investment company called Inchscape who own hundreds of main dealers around the world, from Ford's through to Jaguars.

There was a time when I only ever used main dealers, and in my time have used "heddel and Deeks" then "Chapplegate" and now the business called "Porsche Centre Bournemouth"... But in my opinion, its changed. The personality has gone from the business and now I feel as invited into a main dealer as I feel invited into HR-Customs and Excise offices. When I last visited the main dealers I was addressed as "Sir" and asked how they could help me.. Very polite but no longer the "Hello Danny welcome back, hows the car going?"

I used to also have the technicians who worked on my car explaining what was wrong and showing me the worn out parts... Now I just get presented with a bill and asked how I would like to pay (even before I got a chance to to get over the shock of being asked to pay for new brakes I didnt even know needed doing. But then again I think this is just the way the main dealers opperate now.

These days I use JMG an independent specialist in Bournemouth who work to equal or higher standards of workmanship, who allways call before undertaking any work and who charge about 50% of the hourly labour rate of the main dealers.

The contact details for Porsche centre Bournemouth are as follows.

Car Sales: 0845 1268971

Service 0845 1268972

Parts 0845 1268973

282-284 New Road, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 8ER

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