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Porsche Centre West London

Porsche centre West London are the official main dealers for Porsche in the whole central and greater London areas.

Typically Porsche centre West London sell the 997 (new 911), 987 (new Boxster), Cayman (Boxster with a hard roof) and Cayenne (Big 4 wheel drive). However they also maintain the 924, 944, 928, 968, 911, 964, 993, 996 and 986 (older Boxster). Although they tend to prefer to not work on older cars over 5 years old.

In the corporate world that Porsche now exist, its now like all main dealers the dealership name has the prefix of "Porsche Centre" followed by the location name. Well I guess it gives a common brand name to match the image.

There was a time when I only ever used main dealers, and have in my time used Porsche Centre West London for several items of work on my Porsche cars. However I just do not feel you get personal service anymore and the prices they charge has become absolutely mad. On the bright side there are now several independent Porsche Specialists in the UK which have a strong following and who have service stamps which hold higher regard with prospective buyers and other Porsche enthusiasts than the main dealer ones. So using an independent need now not be something that may harm in any way your service history or value of your car.

Typically I have used the specialists known as JZMachtech, Strasse and JMG (Jon Mitchell's Garage) and have had excellent service from all 3.

These days I use JMG an independent specialist in Bournemouth who work to equal or higher standards of workmanship, who allways call before undertaking any work and who charge about 50% of the hourly labour rate of the main dealers.

The contact details for Porsche centre Reading are as follows.

Sales: 020 8742 7000

Service: 020 8742 7000

Parts: 020 8742 7000

Great West Road - Chiswick - London - W4 4LZ

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