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The Porsche Boxster interim Maintainance Service.

To be performed between minor and major services. Unless you cover an abnormally large number of miles per year which will see your Porsche serviced twice a year.

Porsche do not include an interim service in their service schedule. However from experience of Boxster owners world wide and on the advise of Porsche technicians (main dealer and independent) that I have spoken to, strongly recommend this service.

Its worth remembering that Porsche designed the service schedule with two issues in mind. Keeping the running costs as reviewed by the motoring press and potential new car buyers as low as possible, while also ensuring the car lasted without warranty issues for the period of the warranty. It does not take into account the long term durability of the car beyond the warranty period or for the car lasting beyond the designed lifetime of the main dealers interest in your car (5 years)

With proper servicing and maintainance, which may take maintainance beyond the Porsche schedule, your Boxster should last indefinately like any of the previous models of Porsche which included more frequent and in depth servicing.

With this in mind this page has been developed to encorage Boxster owners to treat their Porsche to interim servicing, which may save them money and stress in the short and long term.

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The following table shows what items should be performed on an interim service.

Recommended interim service items.
Diagnosis system
Read out fault code memory
Underside of vehicle and engine compartment
Drain engine oil, replace oil drain seal and possibly replace filter also. General inspection for problems or damage.
Cooling system
Check condition of radiators, coolant hoses and fluid level
Brake friction parts
Check brake disks and pads for wear approaching the minimum levels.
Brake hoses and lines
Visual inspection for damage, routing and leaks
Brake fluid
Check level
Tires and spare wheel
Check condition and pressure
Door and lid locks
Check for operation including hood safety lock
Vehicle lights
Check opperation
Check opperation
Windscreen (windshield)
Check for damage, Washer opperation and fluid level
Electrical systems
Check opperation of all standard electrical equipment
Final check
Run engine up for a period of time to check for leaks and final fluid levels along with opperation of cooling fans.
Report to customer for any additional repairs required.


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