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The Porsche Boxster Major Maintainance Service.

To be performed every two years between Minor services. (all the even years) unless you cover an abnormally large number of miles per year in which case refer to my notes on the main service schedule page.

Major service to be performed at the following year or mileage intervals.
Years (Age)
Your car should be serviced at least every year, I recommend that you follow the advice on the service schedule page to choose your service requirement.

There are in effect 3 levels of Major service.

The 3 levels of major service correspond to the bellow mileages.

The level 1 major maintainance service is shown in the bellow table. After this table I will explain the addition items covered in the level 2 and 3 major maintainance.

The following table shows the current official Porsche service schedule for the Porsche Boxster Major service.

Official Porsche schedule items for Boxster major service (LEVEL 1 - AKA 24k).
Diagnosis system
Read out fault code memory
Engine lubrication
Drain engine oil, fill with fresh oil and replace oil filter
Air filter
Replace air filter
Spark plugs
Replace spark plugs (main dealers often class this as an optional extra and charge for it, as they may have already been changed and not due because of other previous repairs. Also post 2002 models only require them every 48,000 miles)
Poly rib belt
Check condition
Underside of vehicle and engine compartment
Visual inspection for fluid leaks, damaged hoses or pipes, damaged wiring,
Power steering
Check fluid level and top up
Coolant hoses
Check condition
Visual inspection for leaks, damage or debris
Fuel system
Check for condition of lines, correct routing and firm seating of all connections.
Fuel filter
(pre 2002 models) replace
Check level and antifreeze strength
Particle filter
Replace element
Parking brake
Check opperation and adjustment of free play
Brake hoses and lines
Visual inspection for damage, routing and leaks
Brake disks and pads
Check for condition and that wear isnt approaching minimum levels
Brake fluid
Renew brake fluid (Porsche main dealers and specialists treat this as an optional extra item and charge for it to be performed as it may have been changed within 2 years already due to other repairs)
Check free play and pedal position
Check pedal opperation and smoothness. Check full and idle contacts with diagnostic tester.
Steering mechanism
Check steering bellows and mechanical joints for signs of damage
Check for tightness of all connections, joints and fasteners.
Drive shafts
Visual inspection for damage, wear or leaks
Exhaust system
Check condition of system, and mounts
Tires and spare wheel
Check condition and pressure
Door and lid locks
Check for operation including hood safety lock
Safety Belts
Check opperation of seat belts and catch mechanism
Vehicle lights
Check opperation
Check opperation
Windscreen (windshield)
Check for damage, Washer opperation and fluid level
Electrical systems
Check opperation of all standard electrical equipment
Road test
Check opperation of engine, transmission, steering, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, brake system, instruments. Listen and observe for abnormal noises, vibration or anything abnormal for this type of vehicle.
Final check
Check for leaks and final fluid levels.
Report to customer for any additional repairs required.

Level 2 and Level 3 major services include all the items on the level 1 major service. But should include the additional items within the following tables to complete servicing based on the recommendations of Porsche.

Normally Porsche main dealers charge you for a major service, and then charge extra for these items. Some independent specialists include them within their 24k, 48k etc services, but its worth checking, there are no hard and fast rules in what is included as Porsche recommend some of the items we have included here on the basis of time, not on mileages. Check what the garage will include and if anything is missing ask for the missing items as additional paid for jobs.

The level 2 additional items, due at 48k miles and 120k miles are as follows.

Additional items for Level 2 major service (AKA 48k - 120k)
Spark plugs
Replacement on all Boxster models
Pollyrib drive belt
Replace with new item

The additional items required in the level 3 service, due at 96k miles and 192k miles are as follows.

Additional items for Level 3 major service (AKA 96k - 192k)
Spark plugs
Replacement on all Boxster models
Transmission Tiptronic
Remove fluid, remove sump pan, replace filter, install sump pan with new gasket, refill fluid, examine for leaks and condition of seals
Transmission manual
Drain final drive fluid, refill with fresh fluid, examine for leaks and condition of seals
Pollyrib drive belt
Replace with new item

In addition, experience has shown us that the following items are also strongly recommended at ALL major services.

Recommended additions to all the Porsche Boxster major services.
At major services its generally recommended that a flushing additive in the old oil would benefit ensuring that the oil system was free of any sludge or debris build up. The addition of fuel injector cleaning may also be of benefit.
Exhaust system
Check condition of exhaust system. Particular attention for leaks, damage and corrosion including loose or rusted heat shields (particular problem with Boxsters)
Suspension system
Check for : Cracked or soft suspension bushes, broken coil springs, leaking shock absorbers, excessive movement in balljoints or bushes.
Brake system
Check condition of brake heat/dust shields
Convertable top
Check for smooth opperation, function of microswitches and clear flowing water drain holes.
Cooling system
Check for condensation above coolant cap or other signs of leaking from cap. Also check revision of cooling cap design from part number. Also check opperation of cooling fans.
Diagnostic system
Check opperation of MAF sensor with computerised diagnostic equipment.
Air conditioning Service
It is strongly recommended that you have your air conditioning system serviced every 2 years (or on every major service). The air conditioning system service includes removal of all gasses and oil, flushing of the air conditioning system, vacuum testing the system over an hour, refilling the system with gasses and oil. This proceedure could avoid the AC system suffering a failure such as:- Compressor contamination build up causing failure, Corrosion of the AC components including the condensors due to water build up within the system, failure of the system due to degraded oil. It will also spot any leaks early on and allow steps to be made to rectify a problem before it becomes an expensive one.
Check exhaust gas emissions such as CO %, Hydrocarbon parts per million for correct opperation of engine management and catalytic converters.
These items are listed on the basis of experience of Boxster problems and how early diagnosis of problems can save long term costs and avoid breakdowns or reliability issues.


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