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The Porsche Boxster factory service schedule is a reasonable guide for maintaining your Boxster. However the service schedule was devised before the Porsche Boxster was ever sold. As a result there are several items which need to be performed in addition to the service schedule. I have learned much of this through experience on my own Boxsters and also by observing the experiences of others with Boxsters.

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Although servicing can be performed on a DIY basis, I would strongly recommend that you leave it to a professional, in particular an independent specialist. This is on a basis that they see so many Boxsters that they will be able to spot a problem that you may not even know exists before it becomes an expensive dissaster. The reasoning behind a

Avoid the Porsche "Low mileage service"

The Porsche "Low mileage service" for people who's Boxsters only cover low annual mileages should be avoided at all costs. All thats included in this service is topping up of fluids and some very basic checks. There are even instances where Porsche Boxsters have gone tens of thousands and several years without ever having an oil change!!! The engine oil needs to be changed once a year, ideally every 6 months. The problem is that with fresh oil (yes that includes Mobil and other brands) as soon as the engine starts a chemical reaction begins which after a year is causing the oil to damage your engine rather than protect it. I personally opt to have my oil changed every six months for peace of mind. Yes I know oil changes cost money, but not as much as new engines or new variable camshaft units!

Don't have an "Annual service" every year.

An annual service should be renamed a "year 1 service" or "interim annual service". Every 24,000 miles (OR SECOND YEAR), Every 48,000 Miles (OR FOURTH YEAR), and every 62,000 miles (OR EVERY SIXTH YEAR) your Boxster should have a major service and every 1st, 3rd and 5th year it should have an "Annual or 12,000 mile service". This isnt just me saying this, its Porsche who are saying it, but unfortunately people often are blind to the actual services their Boxster is due. Take an interest in your service schedule and your Boxster will reward you with reliability and cost effective enjoyable motoring!

Brake fluid.

Brake fluid needs to be changed every two years, this is for your safety and to avoid problems with your brake calipers, hoses and abs pump. Regular brake fluid replacement can avoid costly repairs and may even save your life!

Drive belt.

The service schedule in most Boxsters recommends replacement of the main drivebelt every 4 years or 60,000 miles. I would say the 4 year part is critical as I have heard of several Boxsters suffering from drive belt failure on a 5 year old belt. To be safe it may be worth having it changed every 3 years or 30,000 miles (whichever comes soonest) Its a cheap bit of maintainance which may just save your engine from overheating and failing. I have also observed that the waterpump, alternator and belt tensioners tend to fail soon after 60,000 miles, so it may be worth changing these at the 60,000 mile mark as preventative maintainance and including it as a landmark in your service schedule.

MAF Sensor.

The Boxster MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor can fail at any time, but it seems that they tend to fail after about 50,000 miles, so again it may be worth having its opperation checked on major services after car (or MAF sensor) is 4 years old or 48,000 miles, this may help you plan and budget for its replacement in the future.


I would also recommend any Boxster has a suspension checkup and 4 wheel alignment every 4 years, as this could help reduce tyre wear and therefore over the course of 4 years reduce the amount you spend on tyres by more than the cost of the alignment and suspension checkup.

Air conditioning servicing.

This one is often overlooked. All air conditioning systems in cars should be serviced every two years. Including replacement of the gas, replacement of the oil, vacuum drying of the circuit and finally checking that all systems are working. Every two years isnt that often, but it could save you an expensive bill because a compressor as seized up and the car can not run at all with a seized up compressor!!!


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