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Boxster Power Steering.

The Porsche Boxster power steering system is generally very reliable and rarely needs more attention than periodic adjustment (recommended adjusted as part of a 4 wheel alignment).

In the future I expect that Boxsters like all cars, as they get older will require replacement steering rack bellows, but this is to be expected.

Also after 10 years I would recommend replacement of the power steering fluid. Its called a long life or even lifetime fluid, but chemistry has its limits!

The following is a diagram of the plumbing of the power steering system.

The power steering works as follows.

You have a power steering pump driven by the engine at the rear of the car. This pump pressurises a hydraulic fluid which is passed via hoses and pipes to the power steering rack at the front of the car.

This pressurised fluid enters the steering rack and acts as an amplifier for the steering effort you apply at the steering wheel to assist you in steering.

Here is a diagram of the power steering rack.

As you can see from the steering rack diagram, the power steering rack has several components.

The nature of this article isnt to explain every component of the steering system. However here is a quick overview.

As you turn the steering wheel, a steering column or shaft connecting the steering wheel to the steering rack (above) turns, so turning a shaft inside the rack. Causing a cog (or pinion gear) to turn on a long rod with teeth machined into it (known as a rack).. as the cog turns, it pushes the rack left or right (depending on which way you turn the wheel) and so in turn pushes and pulls on two track rods (also known as tie rods) which are connected to the front hubs via two track rod ends.

The bellows you can see in the diagram are to stop dust and grit getting into the steering rack.

If you want to learn more about power steering racks and steering pumps, I recommend you do more reading at websites you find by use of a google search with search terms like "power steering how it works"

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